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La Feria de la Salteña en Cochabamba 2010

The Salteña is a staple of Bolivian street food.  Its closest food cousin is the Empanada, for which it would never be confused.

While the Salteña is small and has a simple appearance, there is a definate art to making it.  There is also an art to eating one.  The Salteña has the power to turn the elevensies into something spectacular.

The following is a report of the Salteña fair in Cochabamba, Bolivia in 2010.  Enjoy and eat well!

Andrew Zimmern, culinary explorer, takes a tour of Bolivian Cuisine

Andrew Zimmern takes his stomach of steel to Bolivia and in the process does an excellent job of bringing Bolivia to life for the westerner.  He takes a gastronomical tour of La Paz, Altiplano, El Alto, Santa Cruz, and Lake Titicaca.  He even takes us by Mercado Batallas and tries chanfaina.  Enjoy part I of his tour and eat well!