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Alkaline Adventure Update

It has been some three months since we took the plunge and purchased the Kangen Leveluk JRII, the Volvo of the Kangen line of water machines.  As you may recall, we purchased the machine as a form of health insurance.  With the onset of Obamacare about to wreak havoc on a health care system already stretched to the limit and the latest blow to the American health care consumer, the ruling which exempts makers of Generic drugs from liability, meaning that taking Generic drugs just became extremely risky from a consumers’ standpoint, we could not feel better about our purchase from a purely preventative standpoint.

Kangen water simply helps your body work better, and at three months, we are noticing results.  First and foremost, my wife’s joint pain has disappeared completely.  It was not debilitating but bothersome nonetheless.  The other thing we have noticed is that allergy season was much less profound.  Anyone who lives in the Willamette valley can attest to the fact that this may just be the worst place on the planet for an allergy sufferer to live.  The lush greenery and rich soil come with a twofold price.  The rain and brutal allergies.  Kangen water has taken care of the allergies, we’ll keep the rain.

Beyond that, we have all begun to feel a general sense of hydration.  I personally have a deathly fear of dehydration due to a pair of incidents and as such had taken to drinking an  tremendous amount of water.  While most persons would say that their actual water intake increased as a result of drinking Kangen water, we have actually begun to drink less because the quality and properties of the water is that much better.

These are not miracles, mind you, just evidence that the water is slowly beginning to work.  We have had no side effects from alkalinity and do not expect them, though we are vigilant.

If you are interested in learning more about how to protect your family’s health so that Obamacare is a non-event for you, email us at halfwayfoods@gmail.com for more information.

Here’s to your family’s health!

Kangen Water – Health Insurance applied orally

We have recently taken the decision to acquire a Kangen Water machine as a step towards mitigating our families health risks. While overall diet and lifestyle are incredibly important in assuring that one will live to a ripe old age in style, we have found that Kangen Water is the biggest step that one can take towards this goal.

In business, it is commonly accepted that 20% of activities, or clients, will generate 80% of your income. Applying this proverb to your body, which is 75% water, by drinking Kangen Water, a 20% activity, you will be rejuvenating 75% of it.

We do not have any concrete health concerns and are going with a standard household model for starters. As it turns out, we are in good company:

Kangen Water is not the only water ionizer on the market, and far from the cheapest. It just happens to be the best. However, the cost is nothing compared to dealing with many of the health issues that one can proactively eliminate by drinking the water on a regular basis. The machines last 15 years and a family of four may need to purchase one to two replacement filters (approximately $120 each) per year.

As the provisions of Obamacare in the US begin to have a direct impact on the quality of healthcare at all levels, isn’t it time to take a simple step that will help keep the doctor away?

If you would like to know more about Kangen water or are interested in purchasing a machine, please contact us at:


Here’s to your health!