Tortilla Española II

A delicious Spanish style tortilla, 5 eggs, onion, and fried potatoes, flipped in the pan to perfection!

Tortilla Española
Tortilla Española

Visca la Calçotada!

While in Catalunya, we had the privilege of attending festivities know as Calçotadas.  The Calçot is essentially a large green onion from the region that is cooked over an open flame.  They are eaten with Romanesc sauce, are messy, and delicious!

El Desvan Azul en Barcelona, Sant Andreu


Recuerdos de un restaurante célebre, cerca de nuestro corazón. Deseando lo mejor para Alfredo y familia en su nueva etapa

Upside down parmesan cheese Spanish Tortilla with spinach

While our unflattering picture gives it the look of a Brie on its way to bleu cheese, the hidden identity of dinner tonight was a mouthwatering Spanish delight, potatoes, eggs, spinach, and onions mixed with coriander and other spices.

Spanish Tortilla, the hardest part is the flip!

Creations from the Desvan Azul in Barcelona

El Desván Azul, el mejor restaurante en San Andreu y, tal vez, todo de Barcelona.

Tenemos un cariño especial a este lugar magíco y encantador.