Are Eggs an important part of a healthy diet?  Today we have the pleasure of enjoying a guest post from Olivia Bergin from the UK to find the answer to this burning question!


To maintain a healthy body is always the basic priority for people. Everything is done in order to provide all the nutrients to the body. Eggs play an important role in fulfilling our nutritional needs; eggs are very healthy for the body. They are rich in almost every nutrient and are must for the healthy functioning of the body. While most of the time people argue about what to eat; egg whites, or the whole egg containing the yolk as well. We’ll here look into various nutritional values of egg whites and full egg.

Why Eggs are Necessary?

As providing every nutrient to the body is essential, we need to have a proper diet. Egg is one such food that ensures the fulfillment of the body needs. There are various reasons as why to include eggs in your diet.

  • Rich source of protein and other nutrients: Eggs are great source of proteins and other essential nutrients. Males require at least 51 gms of protein per day while women need at least 41 gms, this requirement can be easily fulfilled by having the eggs.
  • Rich in essential minerals: Due to fewer intakes of proper diets we always run out of essential minerals in the body. Egg solves the problem here, it is rich in all the minerals like zinc, iron etc. Especially women need to have the intake of iron due to menstruation. So eating eggs daily can help increase the minerals in body.
  • Rich in Vitamins: Egg is the only food which has the abundance of nutrients in it. Along with proteins and minerals eggs are also rich in all the vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2, Vitamin E etc. vitamins are essential to fight against various diseases and producing red blood cells. They also help in energizing you.

Egg Whites or Whole Egg: Which is Healthier?

We have seen various health benefits of eggs, but there is always confusion among the masses about what to prefer, the egg whites or the whole egg including yolk. Well, both the parts of egg have all the essential nutrients.

  • Egg whites have less cholesterol: Egg whites are richer in protein and contain less calories. Most of the egg protein is stored in egg whites. Contrary to this the egg yolk contains lesser protein and more cholesterol. This is anyways not harmful. The cholesterol in the egg yolk is not the harmful one, as dietary cholesterol is not much harmful as compared to saturated cholesterol.
  • If cardiac problem, stay away from yolk: Both the parts of eggs are rich in various nutrients, only drawback of the egg yolk is the high amount of cholesterol which is overcome by the great nutritional value it offers. However people with cardiac problem should minimize intake of yolks.
  • More beneficial if whole egg is taken: Whatever you choose, whether egg whites or a full egg they both have that extra nutritional value that you can’t get from any diet.

Looking into the various health benefits and the comparison between the egg whites and the full eggs has definitely made us of the view that eggs are one of the healthiest products. Either have egg whites, or egg yolk you will anyhow be benefitted with all the vital elements required by the body. Staying healthy is a must and government also encourages such things. Ehic card is provided by the UK government in order to provide people with the health insurance benefits. So, get it and avail the full health benefits being a resident of UK.

Kefir with Maple Syrup

We recently ordered some kefir grains and have begun making kefir at home.  While the results are generally tasty, any slight miscalculation in timing or temperature during the fermentation process can lead to kefir that, while extremely healthy, can taste either a bit too close to the udder or become so fermented that it tastes alive!

For those who have struggled with their own overactive kefir grains, we offer a solution.  Add maple syrup to your kefir.  No matter the imperfections that your homemade kefir may suffer from, simply adding maple syrup to it can make even the gamiest kefir taste like vanilla.

Kefir with Maple Syrup
Kefir with Maple Syrup swirl

Kangen Water – Health Insurance applied orally

We have recently taken the decision to acquire a Kangen Water machine as a step towards mitigating our families health risks. While overall diet and lifestyle are incredibly important in assuring that one will live to a ripe old age in style, we have found that Kangen Water is the biggest step that one can take towards this goal.

In business, it is commonly accepted that 20% of activities, or clients, will generate 80% of your income. Applying this proverb to your body, which is 75% water, by drinking Kangen Water, a 20% activity, you will be rejuvenating 75% of it.

We do not have any concrete health concerns and are going with a standard household model for starters. As it turns out, we are in good company:

Kangen Water is not the only water ionizer on the market, and far from the cheapest. It just happens to be the best. However, the cost is nothing compared to dealing with many of the health issues that one can proactively eliminate by drinking the water on a regular basis. The machines last 15 years and a family of four may need to purchase one to two replacement filters (approximately $120 each) per year.

As the provisions of Obamacare in the US begin to have a direct impact on the quality of healthcare at all levels, isn’t it time to take a simple step that will help keep the doctor away?

If you would like to know more about Kangen water or are interested in purchasing a machine, please contact us at:

Here’s to your health!

If Coca-Cola were marketed like pharmaceuticals

While it is safe to say the Coca-Cola corporation did not create this ad, it is interesting to think what might be were beverage corporations to be so forward with their marketing as pharmaceutical companies are required to be.  Here is a glimpse:


GMO A-Go-Go: The dark side of GMOs explained for children

On the surface, GMO, or Genetically modified organisms, appear to be a benign attempt to increase food output but creating food that is resistant to pests and blight.

However, as this Infomatic films animated short playfully presents, there are a number of concerns with GMOs.  Beyond the obvious health and biodiversity concerns is the question of private property.

While simple labeling requirements, which in theory would give them the power to choose whether or not to purchase GMO tainted foods, would satisfy most consumers health fears, the patent and biodiversity concerns rise to a level that should concern all of humanity.

The root of the problem is the argument that the genetic codes developed for use in the creation of GMOs are the property of the creator of that code.  As such, once a crop is planted with GMOs, nature’s natural cross pollinators, namely wind and bees, will carry the genetic code to all of the surrounding crop.

Once the neighboring crop has become tainted with the genetic code, the code creator demands remuneration from the farmer or grower of the untainted crop for use of the genetic code, even though that use was incidental.

This is perhaps the most insidious example of Empire, whose final goal is to demand the food production of its populations and force that same population to come begging it for the food that the same people produced.

Generally, the courts have ruled in favor of the GMO genetic code creators at the expense of farmers and, by extension, all of humanity.  In the process, the justices who think they are upholding private property by virtue of these rulings are in practice destroying it.

There is an inherent conflict between intellectual property and tangible property.  As long as intellectual property rights are allowed to trample tangible property rights, all of humanity will suffer and become further enslaved.

The situation, seen through a different lens, would have a different outcome if the farmer or grower would begin to mount defenses based on tangible property rights, for in practice what is occurring is that the GMO creators are polluting the private property of the non GMO farmers.

The arguments for the GMO creators generally hinges on the fact that neighboring farmers have enjoyed greater yields by virtue of their “enhancements.”  If the battle over imposed intellectual property is to be won, farmers must reject the increased yield arguments by presenting the fact that their crops have not been enhanced, but tainted by the spread of GMO through natural pollination processes, which do not know property borders.

The involuntary spread of GMO genetic code to neighboring crops is pollution.  Until the farmers and justices begin to see it as such, the natural biodiversity of the world’s food supply, which is its true protector from pests, drought, and blight, will be irreparably harmed.

Enjoy the video and let us know what you think!



Proper Healthy Nutrition Food For Your Brain

The following is a guest post on nutrition from Maria, our guest health and nutrition writer from the UK.  We encourage you to follow her on Twitter at @financeport.  Without further adieu:

Proper Healthy Nutrition Food For Your Brain

Eating healthy food is essential for a healthy mind and body.  The brain is the most important organ in the body. Just like heart, muscles, and lungs,  the brain requires nutrients for its operation. Do you know what qualifies as nutrition for brain? If your answer is no, you must read this article. Here is a list of nutritious food which bootstraps the operation of brain:

  1. Blueberries: Berries are full of memory boosting nutrients. They are a rich source of fibre.  These berries are safe for diabetics who cannot eat sugars. Blue berries are the best brain foods on earth and improve both learning and memory.
  2. Cherries: Oxidation is one of the processes associated with diseases of aging. Just like oxidation, inflammation has a great impact on diseases of heart to dementia. Cherries are a source of natural anti-inflammatory agents. Cherries contain Cox2 inhibitors just like those that are found in pain killers.
  3. Whole grains: The ability to focus and examine develops from our supply of energy.  We get energy in the form of glucose in blood. Intake of whole grains helps you achieve this by releasing glucose. Rich sources of whole grains are granary bread, cereals, and brown pasta.
  4. Nuts: Nuts contain a high amount of fibre, proteins and helpful fats. To get instant energy you can eat nuts. They also contain plenty of vitamins. You are not required to eat plain, raw and unsalted nuts. But avoid nuts with sugars and artificial flavours.
  5. Tea & Coffee: Tea and coffee contain antioxidants. Antioxidants help the brain to boost its operation. However, it is wise to avoid getting addicted to these drinks. Too much intake may produce adverse effects.
  6. Fish: Fish are a rich source of essential omega-3 fatty acids. The best brain food are the oils from cold water fish like cod and salmon. The essential omega-3 acids help neural growth, which facilitates communication among neurons.
  7. Black current boosts: Vitamin C is said to have the energy to improve mental health from ages. One of the rich sources of vitamin C is black current.
  8. Chocolates: Most types of chocolate contain antioxidants and epicatechin, especially dark chocolates.  However, avoid eating chocolates with high amount of added sugars.
  9. Water: Last but not the least, water is extremely important for our body to keep both the body as well as the brain hydrated. Often dehydration causes headaches and other diseases.

Beyond being health conscious, it is important to get protected from unforeseen health issues by insuring yourself.  To get protection and access to treatment, consider taking on health insurance. As you are applying for health insurance, it may be appropriate to apply for other insurances like life insurance, payment protection insurances and mortgage loans to get protected from uncertainties.

Hi, I am Maria from Manchester.  I am a writer and my present topics are about proper food, health and PPI claims, finance.  To know more about me and my work please reach me at financeport