Instant Ice Cream Recipe in Richard Scarry’s Super Stupendous Stories

Lowly loves ice cream, do you?  We came across this story title recently in Richard Scarry’s Super Stupendous Stories and our lovely wife realized it was a call to action:

Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe Part I
Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe Part I – Ingredients

With the help of our 7 year old, they went straight to work gathering the ingredients listed in the image above.

Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe Part II
Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe Part II – Instructions

They then followed the Instructions above, performing step 6 to the tune of Taylor Swifts’ new hit, “Shake It Off” on repeat until the 10 minutes were up.

Fresh from the Refridgerator
Instant Ice Cream!

After a mere 10 minutes chilling in the refrigerator, it was time to open the bag to see what happened!

Ice Cream in Bowl

Not bad for 25 minutes work.  Our 7 year old had worked off the calories and sugar energy during the shaking phase so that even the normal ice cream side effects were mitigated.

Thank you Mr. Scarry for teaching children, and adults, that making Ice Cream can be easy and fun!

Wassabi Pan Asian Cuisine

There is Asian food, and there is Asian Cuisine.  As the name implies, Wassabi, located in Hillsboro, definitely qualifies as Cuisine:


A fine dining experience at a reasonable price in Hillsboro!

Dr. Mercola on the Dangers of Antibiotics in Beef

As we are on the topic of beef, here is a link to an interesting article and as from Dr. Mercola on the dangers of the increased use of antibiotics in meat production:

The following PBS video, part one of a series, is also worth a view:

Broth from Grass Fed Beef Stock

In years past, we have been fortunate to buy beef in bulk from Grass fed, natural producers.  Admittedly, it can be a mixed bag.  In our last experience, the butcher cut beef extremely lean and the cow that we bought did not weigh all that much to begin with so we ended up with a winter beef supply that was quite a bit smaller than expected.

In an attempt to make up for his part of it, the butcher gave us an abundance of bones and tallow, which we use to make beef broth, or what we refer to as liquid gold for its many health benefits.  The following is a brief, photographic and video journey of how to make a delicious beef broth.

Raw Bones and Tallow before heating
Raw Bones and Tallow before heating

Here is a video of the broth in process:

Chef’s note, you will notice the water is boiling rapidly, this is because we were speeding up the process.  Ideally, you would bring this to a slow boil at low heat for 16-24 hours.

Beef broth - post boil
Beef broth – post boil

Remove Leftover bones
Remove Leftover bones

Liquid Gold ready for storage
Liquid Gold ready for storage

Once you are done boiling on low heat, remove the bones and strain the excess out of the broth by allowing it to cool off and pouring the beef broth through a strainer into containers.  You can then freeze these and enjoy them as the base of soup or other appropriate dishes!


Are Eggs an important part of a healthy diet?  Today we have the pleasure of enjoying a guest post from Olivia Bergin from the UK to find the answer to this burning question!


To maintain a healthy body is always the basic priority for people. Everything is done in order to provide all the nutrients to the body. Eggs play an important role in fulfilling our nutritional needs; eggs are very healthy for the body. They are rich in almost every nutrient and are must for the healthy functioning of the body. While most of the time people argue about what to eat; egg whites, or the whole egg containing the yolk as well. We’ll here look into various nutritional values of egg whites and full egg.

Why Eggs are Necessary?

As providing every nutrient to the body is essential, we need to have a proper diet. Egg is one such food that ensures the fulfillment of the body needs. There are various reasons as why to include eggs in your diet.

  • Rich source of protein and other nutrients: Eggs are great source of proteins and other essential nutrients. Males require at least 51 gms of protein per day while women need at least 41 gms, this requirement can be easily fulfilled by having the eggs.
  • Rich in essential minerals: Due to fewer intakes of proper diets we always run out of essential minerals in the body. Egg solves the problem here, it is rich in all the minerals like zinc, iron etc. Especially women need to have the intake of iron due to menstruation. So eating eggs daily can help increase the minerals in body.
  • Rich in Vitamins: Egg is the only food which has the abundance of nutrients in it. Along with proteins and minerals eggs are also rich in all the vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2, Vitamin E etc. vitamins are essential to fight against various diseases and producing red blood cells. They also help in energizing you.

Egg Whites or Whole Egg: Which is Healthier?

We have seen various health benefits of eggs, but there is always confusion among the masses about what to prefer, the egg whites or the whole egg including yolk. Well, both the parts of egg have all the essential nutrients.

  • Egg whites have less cholesterol: Egg whites are richer in protein and contain less calories. Most of the egg protein is stored in egg whites. Contrary to this the egg yolk contains lesser protein and more cholesterol. This is anyways not harmful. The cholesterol in the egg yolk is not the harmful one, as dietary cholesterol is not much harmful as compared to saturated cholesterol.
  • If cardiac problem, stay away from yolk: Both the parts of eggs are rich in various nutrients, only drawback of the egg yolk is the high amount of cholesterol which is overcome by the great nutritional value it offers. However people with cardiac problem should minimize intake of yolks.
  • More beneficial if whole egg is taken: Whatever you choose, whether egg whites or a full egg they both have that extra nutritional value that you can’t get from any diet.

Looking into the various health benefits and the comparison between the egg whites and the full eggs has definitely made us of the view that eggs are one of the healthiest products. Either have egg whites, or egg yolk you will anyhow be benefitted with all the vital elements required by the body. Staying healthy is a must and government also encourages such things. Ehic card is provided by the UK government in order to provide people with the health insurance benefits. So, get it and avail the full health benefits being a resident of UK.

Rare Footage of a Milanesa in Progress

Today on Halfwayfoods, we bring you rare footage of a Milanesa, the delicious breaded flank steak that is a staple in South America.  It is brief, but so delicious you can practically smell it!

Somewhere between delicious and nutritious

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